About us

Deep Sea Atlantic NV is a Fish Processing Company established in Suriname, Dutch Guyana, South America situated at the Suriname river. Since 1997 we have been fishing in one of the richest fishing grounds in the world. The rivers of the Amazone makes our waters very nutritious for many species of fish

We catch the fish in an enviromentally friendly way with our trawlers. On board we do everything to maintain the nutritional value, quality and safety of the catch. These trawlers moor at our mooring, located at the back of our new fish processing factory which has gone in production in February 2002. In this new factory we implemented HACCP and this will make our seafood one of the safest foods for consumers.


It is our aim to fish in an enviromental protective way and process that fish in such a way that it fulfills to all the standards set by the HACCP. This way we will deliver a product with the highest quality to our customers.
Being able to manage all aspects of fishing, from catching through to processing, packing and continuous quality control enables us to continuously provide quality products.

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