Our frozen products will be packed per 1 kg in plastics materials. These 1 kg packages will be packed in carton boxes of 20 kg each. Our smoked products will be packed in carton boxes. Each carton box will contain 20 kg. Our packing is standard unless customers specify their requirements otherwise (wrapped packed in foam trays, vacuum packed and retail size carton packed are also available). Sizes in general are based on natural assortment. However, we always regard our customers specifications.


All care is taken to maintain quality control at the various stages of processing, done according to HACCP principles. The quality and freshness are the continuous concern of our fleet and our processing team. We provide different types of processing methods from whole gutted to pan ready, from fillets to steaks, from salted to smoked fish, individually quick frozen, special portion cut and retail packed for redistribution. What ever the demand is we supply it! In our assortment we also have cooked crabs, squid and different types of shrimps (fresh frozen and dried)


The frozen products will be shipped by sea freight in refigerated containers at a temparture of -18 C. Trial consignments or smaller questions can also be shipped by airfreight.


At the moment we are exporting all over the Caribbean, U.S.A. (FDA nr. 19309873598) and Europe (E.U. export nr: SUR/597/115).


The plant is designed and constructed to allow hygienic maintenance and installation of adequate facilities.
The layout has a separation between dirty area and clean area, wet area and dry area, and the chances of cross contamination are limited.
All personnel manning the plant are professionally qualified, food-handler certified and experienced in the line. Entry into the processing area is regulated and supervised.
Uniforms are daily supplied by the plant and washed daily in an in-house laundry

The plant is supplied with spring water after being purified.

An efficient maintenance plan is in operation to facilitate effective control of food hazards, pests and other agents likely to contaminate raw materials and products

The HACCP systems and documentation have been clearly laid down. Systems have to identify and isolate critical points and to take appropiate correctivaction. This naturally results in products that meet world class standards

Through the above considerations taken during implantation, the condition is created:

- To implement the other good practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, etc.
- To limit / avoid physical / biological hazards

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